Across the Worlds

by Ryan Stunkel

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Hello everyone! To celebrate Mario's 30th anniversary, I thought it would be appropriate to release an album with music inspired by Mario as well as other Nintendo franchises, including Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda and many more. Across the Worlds is meant to portray a soundtrack for a generic make-believe video game platformer. The album art is meant to represent the game that this music would be composed for and as you will probably notice, the album track names and order replicate exactly what is shown in the artwork. The music in this album is intended to be what I would compose if I were to do the music for one or a few of Nintendo's game franchises. Although the feel of the music isn't spot on to Nintendo at all times, it always remained my main source of inspiration during my composing.

My inspirations for this album: Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Banjo Kazooie, Yoshi's Island, Paper Mario, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Kirby and Earthbound.

If you would like to use this music for a non-commercial project, you may do so but you MUST credit me as "Ryan Stunkel" as a "Music Composer" and provide a link back to this album. If you would like to license this for a commercial project (one that can make any amount of money), send me an email at and you can ask for permission/make an arrangement with me to do so.

Or in other words, you can use this on youtube, free flash games or whatever as long as you credit me and link back to this album!

The entire album was created using the following VST and AU sample libraries:

Versillian Studios -
East/West Hollywood Strings
East/West Hollywood Brass
East/West Hollywood Woodwinds
East/West Symphonic Orchestra
East/West Ra
East/West Gypsy
East/West Stormdrum
East/West Goliath
Plogue Chipsounds
EZ Drummer
(All live instrument players are displayed in the album credits below)

Feel free to contact me to ask questions or just say hi!

Skype: stunkel2


released August 17, 2015

Album Art by Sam Williams -
Mastering + Guitar by Kyle Potter-
Director + Engineer for Brass by Samuel Hebert -
Tenor Saxophone by Hugo Choquette -
Trombone by Alexandre Lavoie -
Banner and Logo by Will O'gara -

Special thanks to: Stephan Wells, Darren Kerwin, James Beavers, Eric Wesa, Josh Wise, Jake Lighter, Jessica Sigmon, Mitch Sanchez, Anthony Davis, Tica Sansook, Jeppe Jurgensen, and Flimmy Flambel.



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Ryan Stunkel Boynton Beach, Florida

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